Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bing Launches Video Results In Windows 8 App

Bing announced today that it has released an update to its Windows 8 app that includes touch-friendly video results, in addition to web and image results. The update is available in 12 countries.
The video results, of course, feature infinite scroll.

“Scrolling through one giant page of video results is a nice start, but we don’t stop there,” says Bing senior product manager Sara Borthwick. “Who wants to wait for a video to load before finding out if tit’s worth watching? We don’t that’s why this update includes our exclusive Smart Motion Thumbnails that let you watch a preview of results without having to wait for the video to load. Simply tap a video result thumbnail with a play icon in the lower right hand corner, or mouse over the thumbnail image, to start the video preview. Tap again or mouse away to stop the preview video. Click on the text description to the right to go to the full video.”
“If the search results aren’t exactly what you were looking for, Bing has made finding related searches even easier,” adds Borthwick.k “Just place two fingers on the search results screen and pinch to get related search queries. This feature is called Semantic Zoom and is also available for the web and image results.”
Frankly, I find it a little odd that this wasn’t included with the app to begin with. Windows 8 is, after all, Microsoft’s creation. Better late than never, I suppose. There was always anyway.