Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Facebook Buzz Dominated by Beyonce, Blackout

Sunday’s Super Bowl was interesting for a couple of reasons apart from the actual game, and the Facebook data proves that. According to Facebook’s data analysts, two of the top three most-talked-about moments of Super Bowl XLVII had nothing to do with football.
But the top trend did. The top moment from last night’s spectacle, in terms of Facebook chatter, occurred when the Ravens won the game. The second most-talked-about moment was Beyonce’s halftime show, followed by the Superdome Blackout in third place.
Facebook says that mentions of Beyonce across the network started to rise around 8:00 pm ET, and by the time it was all over mentions of her name had increased over 49,000%. As soon as her former Destiny’s Child bandmates joined Beyonce on stage, mentions of “Michelle” and “Kelly” spiked 10,000%.
One of the most interesting spikes in popularity was the phrase “killed it,” which saw a 40,000% spike after Beyonce finished her performance. I guess we know how she was received by fans on Facebook.
And when the lights went out, mentions of the word “lights” skyrocketed (as you may expect) – 66,000%, to be exact.
As far as specific players go, Ray Lewis won the night with the most chatter. Following Lewis was Ravens QB Joe Flacco, who won MVP honors. Coming in third was 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick.
Here’s your complete top ten moment on Facebook from the big game last night:
1. Ravens win the Super Bowl
2. Beyonce’s halftime performance
3. Blackout in the Superdome
4. Jacoby Jones’ 108-yard kickoff return for a Ravens touchdown (and Justin Tucker’s field goal kick)
5. Joe Flacco’s 56-yard pass to Jacoby Jones for a Ravens touchdown (and Justin Tucker’s field goal kick)
6. Joe Flacco’s 13-yard pass to Anquan Boldin for a Ravens touchdown (and Justin Tucker’s field goal kick)
7. Frank Gore’s six-yard run for a 49ers touchdown (and David Akers’ field goal kick)
8. Destiny’s Child surprise appearance with Beyonce during the half time show
9. Ray Lewis’ retirement
10. David Akers’ field goal kick from 27-yard line