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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Microsoft Answers Common adCenter API Questions

API Still in Pilot Phase, Will Open Up Eventually

Microsoft says it has had a lot of questions lately about access to adCenter API tokens, and the company has addressed these issues on the adCenter API blog. The API program is still in the "pilot" phase, so API tokens are not available to everybody.

"Each request is reviewed for certain criteria," explains Microsoft's Chris Norred. "Users who have a track record of monthly expenditures with adCenter are provided access to the pilot. Other criteria are also considered."

Chris Norred"We receive several requests from new businesses or developers who build tools or services using the adCenter API and have goals to deliver more spend," Norred continues. "Currently, however, support for the adCenter API in the pilot phase cannot serve all these potential customers."

The API lets users create apps that can:
- Create and manage adCenter campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads.

- Obtain the status on ad groups, keywords, and ads.

- Pause and resume ad groups.

- Generate keyword estimates.

- Generate reports about campaign performance.

- Perform ad group targeting.

Microsoft is planning to extend adCenter API access, as well as access to more APIs related to Microsoft advertising services. Currently access to the API is limited to the highest-spending customers, and tokens aren't available for purchase or through other channels, but in the future, access will be opened up for users who meet "a minimum criteria."

Microsoft does not charge for tokens, and the terms of use prohibit their reselling. The company says it will keep interested parties updates via the blog.



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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Microsoft releases Windows 7 code to PC makers


SEATTLE (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp said on Wednesday it is releasing the code for Windows 7 to PC manufacturers, keeping the software company on track to have machines running its new operating system in the stores by late October.

The move means Hewlett-Packard Co, Dell Inc, Acer Inc and other computer makers can start to load up new PCs, laptops and netbooks with the operating system, the successor to the unpopular Vista.

Both Microsoft and the manufacturers are hoping the full launch of Windows 7, scheduled for Oct. 22, will help lift PC sales out of the slump caused by the global economic downturn, and give the holiday shopping season an extra lift.

Manufacturers have been testing early versions of Windows 7 for several months, but this week marks the release of the “gold code,” according to a Lenovo Group Ltd executive, referring to the software industry jargon for the finished product.

PC makers no longer have to fly discs in helicopters to their manufacturing plants, as the transfer is now done electronically. But it still marks a dramatic day as manufacturers hustle to get new products into stores in time for the release date.

Machines that have Windows 7 installed, or devices that are compatible with it, will simply have the Windows 7 logo on them, a Microsoft executive said. The company will not be splashing the word “capable” around in marketing efforts, after it received complaints at its last launch that some machines branded “Windows Vista Capable” could only run the lower-end versions of the software.

Few industry watchers expect such problems to hit Microsoft this time around as the company has spent more time making sure PCs will be able to run the new software.